Propane Environmental & Tank Safety Cover

Saves Energy, Reduces Air Pollution, Protects Familes…and Firefighters


ProcoverPlus™ Version 2.0 Begins Anew and I need your Help

This is a pre-Kickstarter Campaigne

The Goal is to obtain 4,000 Supporters well before the 2017 BBQ Season

The target donation is $25 and once I hit 4,000 I will place my volume order with my new supplier and ship one to you.

The Donation page is coming soon, please email me and I will notify you when it is ready.



My name is Frank Bartels and I am the inventor of ProcoverPlus™, the metalized heat reflective propane tank cover. I began my journey when I read a San Francisco Chronicle newspaper story about a propane grill accident near Santa Cruz, in that article the victim said, and I quote…


“I could hear my skin sizzle”


My background is engineering and I immediately know how to solve the problem. I applied for a US Patent and it was granted.


My plan was to license the cover patent to a grill manufacturer but after 3 meetings with the President of one of the most well known in the US I came to the conclusion that the propane BBQ manufacturers didn’t want to admit that there were any safety issues with propane tanks. Licensing to a grill manufacturer was not going to be one of my options to market.


In fact at a later date the same company suggested to one of their representatives who wanted to represent ProcoverPlus™ that they might lose the grill company’s line if they did…sound fair?


I then decided to self-venture the cover to establish that it was a commercially viable retail product. I sought and obtained an SBA loan and quickly proceeded to market. After 4 years I had increasing sales with increasing repeating customers. I was selling thousands…this would have been great…but because I was still in low boot-strap production I was losing $2-3 for each unit sold. It was actually painful to see the orders come in. I knew I needed to move to the next level and seek an investor to keep the volume growing until it could jump that gap that determines a product’s success.


This was a time well before crowd funding and Kickstarter type websites so I did what people did back then and searched out Angel and Venture groups who were willing to listen to an entrepreneur/inventor such as myself. I was invited to present at a number of investor gatherings and had interest and received some funding but not at the level I needed to make the jump.


They say timing is everything.


I was bringing my product to market in the aftermath of 9/11 and people were just too afraid to take on new things.


and then some good news.


One of the board members of the bank that provided me with the initial SBA loan had been following my progress over 4 years. We would meet several times a year to review my progress usually over lunch at Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA. He had the raw sales data and saw the increasing trends and told me it would be a good investment to go at it as the manufacturer and not to license it. As someone who had sold a major company, Mercantile, in Chicago in the 1970’s for $1 Billion I felt good about his conclusion. We came to an arrangement and he agreed to invest $300,000 into the business, up to this point I had invested $150,000 of my own.


They say timing is everything…and so it is!


LeRoy Kohn died about a week before his 84th birthday and before he wrote the check for $300,000. If he had only written that check just a bit earlier he truly would have been an Angel Investor.


Then I thought I got lucky again. I met with a company at a home tradeshow in Los Angeles called Dayva International who sold to the likes of Home Depot and Targets of the world. They wanted to license my patent. We worked up an exclusive licensing agreement and I thought I had finally made it. Well where I was looking for a 4,000 order to be profitable they were looking at 500,000. The manager who was my product champion left the company and nothing happened.


Note to self: NEVER sign an exclusive licensing agreement that doesn’t have a minimum royalty escape clause.


So it is time for a new start, the exclusive licensing agreement has expired, the kids are out of college and it’s time to have some fun and make some money.


Previously an Ace Hardware Store vendor# 10385.


Successfully test marketed in the following catalogs:



Absolute Amenities

Char-Broil's - Grill Lover's Catalog*

Frontgate's - The Ultimate Grill



ill 2

We make barbecuing cleaner and safer.


Left tank HOT without cover. Right tank COOL with cover.

The infrared heat image picture is worth a thousand words.


I was so ready to go big time in the retail market.  I had the retail packaging designed and developed.

I even invented a new point of purchase display that fits right onto a propane tank collar.



SMOG Alert facts

Propane tanks vent =>

(LP Gas Engineer, North Carolina Dept. of Agri. & Consumer Services)

Propane contributes to ground level Ozone formation=>

(Chemical Incident Management Support Unit, Cardiff)

ProcoverPlus cover reduces propane tank venting

(Vacation Industry Review, Green Scene 10/2000)

Reviewed by Good Sam Club's

Highways Magazine

Received an Excellent Rating

"A propane tank sitting in the hot sun or next to a hot barbecue will pressurize and vent through the relief valve...

Thousands of venting tanks releasing unburned hydrocarbons into the atmosphere contribute to metropolitan pollution."

Endorsed by


Cover your gas with ProcoverPlus™

The same space age material used to protect spacecraft and firefighters from heat is now available to help protect your family, your propane tank and the environment. ProcoverPlus™ is a patented product that was designed to slip over a propane tank to help keep it safe. Out of the 5.5 million (8.4 million as of 2001) propane barbecues sold each year there are about 5,300 instances* of fires and explosions associated with improper use, storage, or accidental situations connected to propane barbecues and propane tanks. Grease fires are one of these very common and unpredictable events that happen that overheat propane tanks causing them to vent propane, resulting in flash fires and explosions. Our invention helps prevent this for only $24.95. Protect yourself, your family, your local firefighters and the environment and save money $$$!

...And Protect the Environment

There are approximately 65 million 5 gallon propane tanks in use in the United States alone. On average these tanks are refilled twice a year. These same unprotected tanks can, and do, vent propane gas. As a result there may be more than 400 million pounds of unburned gas escaping into the atmosphere every year.

* The Wall Street Journal, July 5, 1996, "Gas Grills: Faster, Cleaner, More Perilous", by Aaron Lucchetti, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal.

Benefits of using the ProcoverPlus™

- Protects you, your family and the environment from potential harm.
- Made from the same material used to protect spacecraft and firefighters from heat.
- Keeps the propane tank on your gas barbecue grill cool and looking good.
- Reduces the heat absorbed by the propane tank as a result of radiant heat by up to 1800%.
- Low cost and easy tool-free installation

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